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Naved Ahmed Khan
Director Projects

Naved is a visionary, experienced and progressive IT Professional having more than 14 years of hardcore MIS expertise in the areas of;
– To lead and manage a team of Project Managers and senior software developers.
Technical recruitment, appraisals, 121 meetings, identifying training needs, motivating and performance managing the team.
To devise a tactical plan which can be collaboratively carried out by the team.
– To implement improvements to our products, services, processes and knowledge sharing within the team
– To plan for team growth considering the blend/level of skills required within team.
– To review project progress and overview of the performance of all individuals in team
– To facilitate the smooth delivery of all projects, enhancements and support delivered by the team
To make sure that all team members have the latest in-depth knowledge of all onsite and relevant offsite aspects at the heart
of all decisions on projects or enhancements that they make
– To facilitate technology and methodology decision making throughout team, including standardization of system architecture,
reusable code base development, versions of software tools, best practice, source control and deployment processes

Prior to Dynamics Technology Systems Naved has worked with both local and international organizations. He holds a Bachelow ’s Degree in Computer Science in 2003..